2010 in Review: Fiction

December 28, 2010 | 3 Comments

Looking over the fiction I read this year has me thinking that…

…more than one of these books could have made my top ten books of 2010. Don’t know why I felt like I should limit it to one on that list.

…I read some good fiction in 2010.

…I should read more fiction. Usually, I only read fiction in bed at the end of the day, but need to revisit that rhythm.

  • Of that list I have only read the Hobbit, Time Traveler’s Wife (my favorite fiction book of the last 10 years I think) and started but did not finish Peace Like a River.

    Always amazing to me that so many people can read so many good books and still have barely overlapping books lists.

    • JohnChandler

      Thanks for the comment. I take it you didn’t like Peace Like a River?

      I liked Time Traveler’s Wife, but I think it was wasted on me because I saw the movie first.

  • Hi John! Thanks for your list of books. I have ordered a couple off of Paperback Swap. I’m always looking for something good to read. I read The Hobbit last year and adored it. It was the first time that I’ve read Tolkien. I’m trying to gather up courage to read Fellowship of the Rings. Swing on over to my blog to see my favorites for the year. Maybe you’ll find a new read for the new year!