Scrivener Thesaurus Hack, Anyone?

January 4, 2011

A reader emailed me asking me about quick access to the Thesaurus from within Scrivener:

I find it handy to be able to shift+F7 to quickly access a thesaurus on the fly in other programs. Just wondering what do you do (& other writers) for a digital thesaurus. Do you have a 2nd screen alongside with external thesaurus running ??

To be candid, I probably don’t use the thesaurus as much as I should. To be candid, I probably I overuse words and repeat redundancies more than I should. To be candid, I probably only use the thesaurus when I’m proofing, which I don’t do as much as I should. But…

When I use the Thesaurus, I access it with LaunchBar. I type -space to activate Launchbar, type the “dict” which brings up the Dictionary, space over, and then type the word I want to see. From the dictionary app, it’s a one click over to the thesaurus window. The ever present LaunchBar means easy access from any app.

I also found this discussion thread about assigning a keystroke to the “Look Up in Dictionary” menu item, which is present in Scrivener. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work in Scrivener or Pages.

Let’s crowdsource it…anyone else have any good suggestions for quick access — from Scrivener or universally — to the Thesaurus, maybe that don’t require the purchase of LaunchBar? (Although LaunchBar is worth every penny.)

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