A very simple daily log using Launchbar and AppleScript

January 18, 2011

Last week, I was searching for a way to drop notes into Notational Velocity via LaunchBar, and I found something even better. This post offers a script to create a daily log of thoughts and notes in Notational Velocity, all captured from LaunchBar. Invoke LaunchBar, type DailyLog (or DL), and type your thoughts. They are recorded in the log for the day and timestamped.

Each day, it automatically creates a new file upon the first entry, and designates the time of any further entries. Here’s what a sample looks like:

Title: Daily Log entry for Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10:08 here’s my first entry from today

10:08 here’s another thought I had today

(Clearly I haven’t had many worthwhile thoughts today.)

I made a few changes to what the original author describes:

  1. I saved my script in the /Application Support/Launchbar/Actions folder. Since it is LaunchBar related, I want to keep it with my other LaunchBar scripts.
  2. I changed the .md extention in line 18 to .txt since it’s more versatile.
  3. Also in line 18, I changed “path to documents folder” to “path to home folder”. I have my Dropbox in my home folder rather than under my documents.
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