Filter Friday

January 28, 2011

When #FollowFriday was clogging my twitter stream a few years ago, I decided that I didn’t want to see Follow Friday tweets any more. It wasn’t a painful decision. It was more like an idea that I decided to act on instantly.

I emailed the developer of Tweetie to suggest he add filters in an upcoming version, and it turns out he had added them in a beta that very morning. I set them up and loved them until I finally gave up hope on a Tweetie update last year. Filter were a priority in my search for a replacement, so I landed on Hibari.

Now Tweetie, er, Twitter 2 has arrived in the app store, but sadly the filter hack has been removed. As nice as it looks, I’m continuing with Hibari, and launching Twitter 2 when I need access to one of my other accounts. (Though I’m also trying Kiwi which offers advanced filtering and multiple accounts. It’s dropped to $4.99 in the Mac app store.)

On the iPad, I’m filtering twitter with Tweet Library. (Tweet Library was developed by my friend Manton, another regular in Austin coffee shops and all around good dude.) And on the iPhone, well, my iPhone is filter free at the moment.

Now, the whole point of this post was not all of that, but to share a few of my favorite filters, and to give other Twitter censors, er, filterers a chance to step forward. So, here are my five favorite filters for clearing unnecessary noise from my twitter stream:

  1. “you missed it”
    I try to limit how many people I follow so I can read most of what they say. So, if they preface a tweet with something like “If you missed it,” or “In case you missed it,” I probably didn’t.
  2. “chance to win”
    I don’t really need to know who RT’d what for a “chance to win” something.
  3. #InsertConferenceHashtagHere
    I like the way Twitter can connect people at a conference for conversations around what is happening. I also like that I can filter out those conversations if I’m not at the conference.
  4. and
    I like the location based apps. I use Gowalla all the time and I have friends who work there. But I don’t really need Twitter to tell me if you are pumping gas at a Shell station in Salina, KS.
    I don’t think this one needs any explanation.

How about you? Have any filters you would recommend?

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