Echo Workshop: Rhythms and Tools for Creative Work

August 1, 2011

Last week, I was a workshop presenter at the Echo Conference. I led a workshop called Rhythms and Tools for Creative Work. Here was the description:

Most of us have had a good idea come to us in the mundane moments of life, like drifting off to sleep. (Hopefully, we remembered it in the morning.) While these epiphanies are nice, most creative genius is cultivated out of good habits and workflows. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the rhythms, practices, and tools that we use to capture and craft ideas into masterpieces.

The first half of the workshop I talked about The Creative Loop, and how it serves as a marker for my own creative rhythms. The second half was more nuts and bolts (mostly nuts) as I did a live demo of some of my processes for capture. As promised to everyone who attended (and for anyone else who is interested), here are my slides, as well as links to the many resources and books that were mentioned.



Software used by me:

Other software mentioned:

  • Evernote – a great catch everything bucket, but doesn’t quite do what I need it to do
  • Things – task management, perhaps more user friendly, but less powerful, than OmniFocus
  • The Hit List – a nice looking task management app, but haven’t tried it out enough to comment on it
  • Flow – a nice web based task management app with built-in collaboration


Thanks to everyone who participated at that unholy hour of 9am. If I overlooked anything, or if you you have further questions, feel free to drop a line in the comments below or catch me on Twitter.

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