Three Things

October 18, 2011

In the last few weeks, I’ve been using a few tools that are new to me, and they may be new to you too. All of them are worth a look.

1) PogoSketch Pro Stylus from Ten One Design. I carried the original PogoSketch stylus for most of the last year, but don’t use it so often. But, when given a chance to try the new Pro stylus, I said yes. It’s a nice upgrade, both in how it feels in my hand, and in how the tip feels on the screen. (It’s also been a nice size for my daughter who’s been learning how to write.) And, I’m finding that it works well with…

2) Noteshelf (iTunes) is a simple little iPad app for taking notes. I’ve been discontent with taking notes on the iPad, as typing apps are too restrictive for non text, and handwriting apps lead to large handwriting. The first few times I tried apps with an enlarged window for handwriting it didn’t feel write, er, right. Noteshelf gets it right, and I am now occasionally using my iPad to capture handwritten notes in meetings, etc. Once captured, I can toss them into a designated Dropbox folder for an automatic import into DevonThink.

3) Mijingo has started a series of screencasts called LunchWith. The idea is a brief tutorial on a particular software product, short enough to watch during lunch. I have both of the OmniFocus screencasts — Customizing OmniFocus and Creating Project Templates — and they are great. There is also a Markdown episode which is currently free.

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