Dude, Where’s my Twitter?

February 8, 2012

Last Monday, I took the morning off to spend time with my two youngest while my wife was at an appointment. After adventures in the Lego store, we were waiting in the parking lot to pick her up. To fill the time, I did my usual thing…I checked Twitter on my phone.

But as I was checking Twitter while my kids were chattering, it occurred to me that my kids are far more interesting than the lot of you. No offense. In a moment of clarity, perhaps mixed with compulsive insanity, I deleted all Twitter apps from my phone. And the result:

Don’t think me a Twitter hater. I am an advocate for it to those who don’t use it; I find it a valuable means to maintain connection with real life friends and also a viable way to make new ones. But I also don’t need to be checking it when I’m at stop lights, hovering over the grill, or doing anything with my family or anyone else who is present with me in flesh and blood.

Have there been some times I missed it? I suppose, but reading a few pages of an ebook is a pretty good alternative activity in those times methinks.

Ten days later, I can say with confidence that it has not turned out to be a digital apocalypse. I still follow the same crowd of people with apps on my iPad, desktop and laptop. I can still tweet on the go. Instagram lets me tweet a picture if I feel the need. Birdhouse can post a tweet if I absolutely have to say something. But so far, I haven’t needed to. Maybe I won’t need to, but its nice to know I can if 140 characters of genius strike while I’m grilling burgers.

Or if my kids say something that I have to share with everyone. They do say lots of great stuff that’s worth attention.

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