Paperless: A MacSparky Field Guide

May 10, 2012

PaperlessYesterday, my friend David Sparks, aka MacSparky, published Paperless (iTunes link). This is the first in a series of MacSparky Field Guides. As prolific as David is in churning out the words, I imagine we will see quite a few of them.

There are so many things I like about this. I like David. I like ebooks. I like that an ebook can include other forms of media. The stack, no, pile of papers on the corner of my desk waiting to be de-paperized like the topic.

But what I like most is what it represents. It excites me how accessible it is now for anyone to easily publish a digital volume and share their ideas with the world. David had help of course, but this is, by and large, the product of David’s own sweat and calloused finger tips. Yes, blogs have been doing this for a decade, but there is something special about snuggling your ideas together within the covers of a book, whether they be digital or cloth.

Well done David. Thanks for elevating the aspirations of myself and many others.

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