Permission to Write Freely

September 17, 2012

My middle daughter was eager to join me on a trek to Target a few weeks ago. I’d like to think that she was thrilled about the chance to join me in restocking our paper towel cache. The reality was, she had $3 that needed to be unburdened in the $1 Spot, aka the junk gauntlet, found inside the entrance of each and every Target.

I waited with impressive patience as she sorted through the shelves. And while I’m lauding myself, I also did an admirable job talking her out of several items. I can’t argue with her final selection — she chose a piece of stationery to send mail to “one of her best friends”. This led to a discussion of which friend, as she was very concerned about sending it to a friend who would like the butterflies and flowers she had chosen. I told her not to be concerned about which friend; any of them would be happy to get a note from her, knowing that she had sent them a card that was special to her. I wanted to make sure she understood that her saying what she wants to say, and how she wants to say it, is more important than worrying about her audience will respond to it.

I was glad to have her in earshot, but I was mostly saying this to myself. That afternoon, we both received permission to write whatever we want.

I started blogging in the summer of 2004. That first blog briefly went by the name of Subvergence, but soon was renamed Some Strange Ideas. Most of the writing was reflections on what I was reading elsewhere, but there were also my share of public wonderings about pop culture, theology and my work in church leadership.

2008 saw the birth of Creativityist. It was born as a site focused on doing creative work. Though I imagined it might grow to a site with multiple writers, I remained the primary blogger on the site, and in 2010, merged it with my freelance website portfolio and branded it all as

Those who have followed either of these blogs know that my blogging in either place has been much more erratic of late; brief bursts of mutterings have been followed by seasons of silence. I know this kind of irregularlarity will keep me from ever being an uber-blogger, and I’m okay with that. But, here’s what I’m not okay with — I’m not okay with the indecisiveness that comes with having two blogs. More than I care to admit, I think of something I want to explore, but I’m not sure where it fits. What will the readers of which blog want to read, and who will wonder why I wrote about which and where? See…it doesn’t make sense.

So, I’m pulling it all into one. The archives, and domain, of Some Strange Ideas will be integrated here over the next week or so. (Gosh, some of those old posts make me wince, but they are still part of my journey.) Going forward I will write about whatever I want, no, have to write about here. I know that some of my theology related ramblings might not be of interest to some of you. And I’m well aware that some of my technology geekiness will cause some eyes to glaze over. But pulling it all together removes one more barrier to hitting publish. And I can’t ask my daughter to say whatever she wants to say if I’m not willing to do so myself.

Permission feels good.

(Oh, and by the way, I recently soft launched a new design on the site in honor of all this. It is intentionally a very simple design to bring the focus to the words themselves. Click on through and give it a looksee if you are reading then in an RSS reader.)

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