iPad Mini? Yes, please!

And a not so subtle plea for an update to Evernote for iPad

October 26, 2012

I’ve had a building, occasionally fickle, and somewhat disruptive curiosity with 7ish inch tablet scene. At this point, though, its a man crush.

I started with a hypothetically rooted Nook Color, which I may or may not have put a Kindle app on. I mostly used it for bedtime reading and browser testing while the iPad was my main reading device. But it introduced me to the possibilities of a 7″ screen.

When the Kindle Fire was introduced, things changed. The iPad became a device that primarily stayed home during the day for the kids to use. I often used the iPad in the evening, and I did still use it as a primary device in meetings or occasional iPad only days where it would help me focus on a few simpler tasks. The Kindle Fire was a great daytime device, mostly used for reading books, Instapaper, and my Bible software. And Evernote; oh how I love Evernote for Android.

I made the switch to a Google Nexus 7 late this summer. From my experience it lives up to the positive reviews. It’s light and feels good to hold. The denser resolution isn’t retina, but looks nice for reading. I couldn’t do everything with it that I could with the iPad, but I can do enough with the smaller size that it is often the first choice to leave the house with me when I don’t want to carry a full bag. And Evernote; oh how I love Evernote for Android. I like the Nexus 7 so much that the introduction of the iPad Mini leaves me with a conundrum.

A briefly deliberated conundrum.

IPad miniThere is an iPad Mini my future. In my near future, barring the return of Jesus or a Zombiepocalypse. (And I sure hope the latter would precipate the former.) The Nook, Fire, and Nexus have confirmed to me that I love this size, and I’m giddy about the possibility of my full iOS app toolkit with me on any outing: OmniFocus, Byword, WriteRoom syncing to Scrivener, Drafts, PDFPen, DayOne, Reeder, and of course, I could go on. And I will go on to say that my most oft tapped icon, the Kindle app for iOS is way ahead of the Android version. But I wouldn’t mention Evernote. Can someone, anyone, please do something about how far behind Evernote for iPad is?

See you soon, UPS guy.

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