And why I find them to be more magic than manic

October 29, 2012

I love Mondays.

I don’t find them manic, as thoughtful cultural influencers might lead you to believe they should be. For me, they tend more toward magic. And never do I wish Mondays were Sundays.

I don’t dislike weekends, I should add. I’m fairly particular about taking the weekend off from work, other than church related tasks for our Sunday gatherings. I enjoy time with my kids and family. And football.

But when Monday morning arrives, I’m ready to get to it. Sometimes I even sneak peeks at the week to come when I’m winding down with Phil Keoghan on Sunday evening. I’m eager to see what lies ahead. It helps that I’m excited about the work I do. I’m lucky enough to be able to do work that I enjoy, that I find interesting and challenging.

Most of all, I like Mondays because I treat them differently from the rest of the week. Monday is a day of orientation. I don’t schedule any meetings or phone calls on Monday mornings. I start Monday with more time reading than I do on other days. My journaling is inconsistent on other days, but I rarely miss a Monday. I do some writing on Mondays that will eventually be seen by more eyes than mine. I don’t spend much time looking at email. Monday mornings are a playground for ideas. My favorite Monday are the ones where I get to do this all day, but there aren’t many of those.

Mondays are iPad days; the laptop stays home. The iPad reins in my focus to only what is on the screen before me. Having iPad bonding time serves as a physical reminder that all I’m to do is play with ideas, whether those developed by others or those incubating in my own mind.

You might not like Mondays. And you might not have the flexibility to spend your Mondays the way I do. But, I hope that somewhere in your weekly rhythm, there is a playground to birth inklings and nurture them into ideas.

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