Worth the Time, Volume 2

Coming to an Instapaper Queue Near You. Preferably Yours.

November 9, 2012

The second, in a perhaps recurring, probably on Fridays, selection of some of my favorite online reading the last few weeks. If you, like me, enjoy slowly working through your Instapaper queue on the weekends, then I hope some of these will be enjoyable to you too. (And if you see something on the list that you originally tweeted, posted or faxed to me, thanks!)

Outgrowing Evangelicalism: It’s Not Just for Scholars Anymore
A reflection by theologian Pete Enns on how both scholars, artists (and I would add, normal people) live in the tension of being Christians who find themselves on the outer fringes of evangelicalism.

If You’re Too Busy to Meditate, Read This – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review
And if you’re too busy to read this, all the more reason to read this.

Break Writing #11 – Your writing environment – Columbia University | Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Because the best way to fail at writing is to read about how others succeed at it.

Bono’s ‘Humbling’ Realizations About Aid, Capitalism And Nerds – Forbes
Or why nerds may be more influential than rock stars.

Back From Yet Another Globetrotting Adventure, Indiana Jones Checks His Mail And Discovers That His Bid For Tenure Has Been Denied. – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
Some of the best kind of weekend reading is the non-required kind of weekend reading.

Michael Chabon Reminds Us That Thanksgiving Is Where the Meal Is – Bon Appetit
My reading list has seen a fair amount of Michael Chabon this year, so how could I pass up a timely article about Thanksgiving?

Mumford & Sons Preaches To Masses – The Record : NPR
My playlist has spun a lot of Mumford and Sons this past month, so how could I pass up an article about their music, faith background, and cussing?

The New Evernote 5 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – Evernote Blog
I think I’ve made my feelings clear of late about Evernote for iPad. As of about 24 hours ago, those feelings are distant and fleeting.

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