The Ultimate Dad’s Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Edition

For the typical and beloved Dad in your life

December 10, 2012

It’s fashionable this time of year to make a gift guide. Magazines and tech bloggers and gadget gurus and the like all make them. Many of them are filled with cool stuff, leaving me with a secret desire that someone would forward these lists to my wife, along with the necessary cash to buy everything on them.

Most of the people making these lists are more qualified to talk about what’s cool and necessary and hip and the latest greatest technological advancement. But, it occurred to me that I’m super qualified to make the Ultimate Normal Dad’s Holiday Gift Guide. What follows is a brief, and yet penultimate, list of items that every typical and beloved dad should have.

(Disclaimer: This isn’t my wish list. I already have most of these things, being the ultimate typical and beloved dad that I am. I don’t have the Lord of the Rings Bluray set, just so you, you know, know. Also, these are affiliate links.)

Lego Brick Separator
Because if you’re a dad, you’re going to be asked to pull apart some Legos an average of 6.93848 times per week. Might as well have the proper tool handy, don’t you think? (And no, don’t buy it from Amazon if you have a Lego store nearby. It’s only a couple of bucks in the store.)

LED Headlamp
This was super handy when I ran cables for surround sound in our crawl space. (Which I will never do again. Ever.) But, for those of you who grill all year long after sundown, this is pretty gosh durn handy. Bonus points if you can use it when your daughter has a friend over without causing her embarrassment.

Nerf N-Strike Maverick
Look, the kids probably have one, so a typical and beloved dad shouldn’t be left unarmed. And if they don’t have one, all the better.

Drinking good coffee is important. Drinking really good coffee is really important. The aeropress is the really really best way to make really really good coffee in a really really timely fashion, possibly while ducking Nerf projectiles.

Lord of the Rings Extended Editions Bluray Box Set
It’s unfortunate that a typical and beloved dad won’t be able to watch this until the kids are in bed, and thus not be able to turn it up to an appropriately enjoyable volume. But he probably wants this anyway.

But consider this…

StndSquareThis year, I’ve done a lot of work building the new website for HelpOneNow, and it’s been a thrill to see how it has helped the organization begin scaling to new levels. This fall, they made a commitment to raise $100,000 to build a school in Haiti. They are about 2/3 of the way there with two weeks to go.

The items above are all nifty, but they are also pretty cheap, and that was by design. I hope they can leave some room in your holiday budget to consider giving to the Legacy Project. You can learn more about it, and make a contribution on the Legacy Project page.

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