Five Things

June 2013 Edition

June 10, 2013

Five things I’m into right now:

Dispatch app for iPhone:
I’ve tried some of the alternative mail apps that have made their way to iOS — Sparrow, Gmail, Mailbox. In each instance, though, I’ve find my way back to the built in Mail app. But after a week of trying Dispatch, I think I’m making a change. I like the simple and clean design, but most of all, I love the functionality. My main tasks for email are archiving, replying, filing in Evernote, or creating a task in OmniFocus. Dispatch, for the first time, allows me to do the latter two well, and especially creating a task in OmniFocus. I didn’t think it possible on iOS, but Dispatch creates a link back to the message, so I can archive it on my phone, and then click the link to pull it back up for a necessary reply. I’m finding that I want to do an initial sweep of all email on my iPhone before anyplace else.

The National | Trouble Will Find Me & M83 | Oblivion Soundtrack:
These two albums are getting a lot of play. The National album I liked from the start, though I’m not finding that it has a slow and steady growth curve of deeper appreciation like their last few records. We’ll see if it’s still getting a daily play in a month or so. I’ve appreciated M83 from afar, but never been a consistent listener. I enjoy soundtracks though, and M83 proved a great match for the visuals of Oblivion. I’ve been listening to this one a few times a week since it was released, and I’m not close to tiring of it.

Yirgacheffe Kochere Coffee Beans:
I like to mix up my home coffee brews, buying something different from my friends at Houndstooth Coffee each time around. But I keep going back to these beans, only varying between the PT’s roast and the Coava roast. I brew at home with a Clever, with generally good results. But these have been the most forgiving beans I’ve ever brewed at home, offering a good cup no matter how much my attention to the details of the brewing process is distracted by my young ‘uns.

Call the Midwife:
I started watching this with my wife on the same night I watched the first few episodes of the resurrected Arrested Development. At my current rate, I will easily finish two seasons of Call the Midwife before I finish the new season of Arrested Development (if I even finish it). Season 1 is available on Netflix streaming, and season 2 can be watched on the PBS iOS app. Seeing how these midwives care for the pregnant and newborns in the East End of London in the 50s leaves me pondering the parallel of how a church is meant to care for the souls in their own neighborhoods and parishes.

Manage Your Day to Day:
This is a collection of essays about doing creative work. It is broken into four sections: Building a Rock-Solid Routine, Finding Focus in a Distracted World, Taming Your Tools, and Sharpening Your Creative Mind. I don’t know that there was much new ground broken for me in reading it, but it served as a helpful reminder and re-evalution of my own rhythms. I picked up the Kindle version on the cheap, but based on the photos in Blaine Hogan’s review, the physical book looks mighty nice.

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