Seven Podcasts I Subscribe To

Six of them I'd recommend to you

January 7, 2015

alton_browncastAlton Browncast
Alton Brown is known for clever and thoughtful shows on Food Network, and his podcast is clever and thoughtful as well. It is primarily interviews, and most of them with people in a food related profession, but not all. But Alton is clever and thoughful enough that I enjoy listening to him to talk about anything, it seems. This is one of the handful of shows I’ll at least start listening to every episode.

I’ve talked to both David and Katie a few times though I’ve never met either in person. But listening to MPU makes me feel like I’m hanging out with friends who give me new ideas and knowledge at the same time. That’s time well spent.

podcast_methodPodcast Method
This is a new one by fellow Austinite Dan Benjamin. Dan is a regular old podcasting magnate, and he knows a thing or two about how to do it. If you’re thinking about podcasting, start here.

If you’re already a podcast listener you might at least be familiar with Startup. It is an almost real-tme podcasted chronicle of a startup for a new podcasting company. I appreciate the narrative nature of it vulnerability of how the process plays out.

I think the indie nature of podcasting means that we get to hear people talk about real things apart from the agenda or promoting such and such that comes in more mainstream media. This is as true with Mark Maron’s podcast as anywhere. I don’t listen to all, but if he has a guest I’m familiar with I appreciate the keen insight into what makes them tick.

holmesYou Made it Weird
I suppose Pete Holmes’ podcast is in a similar vein to WTF, though the conversations take a little bit different tone. Of most interest to my pastoral self is how Pete likes to explore people’s spiritual views and sometimes at least, how they got to them.

feederJohn’s Personal Podcast
You can’t listen to this one because it’s personal, but I’ll tell you about it so maybe you can have your own. I’ve long had a Mac app called Feeder that makes it easy to generate a podcast feed by dragging a file and pressing publish. It took a wee bit of technical setup, but it’s handy for other audio I find, whether captured recordings of lectures, audiobooks, or whatever else I find.

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