February 8, 2016 11:13 am

For those who asked over the last two weeks, I expressed a quiet confidence that the Broncos would win Super Bowl 50. I wasn’t so quiet in my car talking back to all of the experts who bought into their own hype and picked the Panthers. (I’ll allow myself a few more days of sports radio to savor the victory, and then put it back in deep freeze until the next time one of my teams is streaking toward a championship.)

Two historical stats I found interesting that I shared with those who asked what I expected:

  1. Teams that have the #1 defense in the regular season were 9-2 in the Super Bowl. (And 9-1 before Malcolm Butler happened last year.) They are now 10-2.
  2. Teams that featured a QB who had accounted for 50 TDs (combined passing and running) were 0-3 in the Super Bowl: Marino, Brady, and Peyton. They are now 0-4.