iPad, meet Scrivener

You too, iPhone

July 20, 2016

In February of 2010, the iPad was newly introduced. I was full of curiosity, intrigue and yearning. They weren’t available yet, but I was concocting all the reasons I needed one worked into our limited budget.

My first round of self (and spousal) convincing led to this post: Ten Mac Apps That Would Give Me iPad Lust. What a silly title. First off, I already had lust and I had it bad. Second off, two of the apps were iPhone apps, not Mac apps. I was blinded by the carnal desire of my youth.

Here we are, 2360 days later (thanks Siri!), and lust has matured into to a meaningful and caring relationship. My iPad mini and I are rarely more than a room apart. Nine out of those ten apps have been in use for most of that time. Some of them do exactly what I hoped for. Some now serve as ancestors to apps that now accomplish far more than I hoped for then.

But you did see that I said 9 out of 10…yeah?

Today, the very first app I had on the list is finally here. Scrivener for iOS dropped in the App Store today. It’s a good day.

My use of Scrivener has ebbed and flowed the last 2360 days. In the last 18ish months though, it’s been more of a flow. Scrivener’s ability to capture, sort and work with ideas has become the nucleus of my sermon prep.

I was giddy this winter to get an email invite to beta test Scrivener for iOS. I’ve used it multiple times a week ever since. Using split view with Scrivener alongside Logos or Safari has allowed me to research and cogitate the contours of a sermon in coffee shops, waiting rooms, and passenger seats.

Scrivener ipad

I don’t use the deepest contours of all that Scrivener can offer, but everything I’ve tried to do with iOS is in there. Sync is via Dropbox and I’ve only had the occasional sync conflict which preserved both versions with nothing lost..

If you do any kind of work that involves moving words from concepts to compositions, you should join my iPad in meeting Scrivener. Heck, you’re probably already acquainted. It’s time your iOS device is acquainted too.

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