by Dexter Palmer

December 28, 2017

I’ve been loading up my library wish list with all the books I’m finding on all of the “Best of 2017” lists. All the while, I’m still working through the books that I added from all of the “Best of 2016” lists. Case in point… Version Control, by Dexter Palmer.

As science fiction goes, I hereby declare there is a sub-genre called Science Fiction Realism. Yes, it’s a close kin to Magical Realism. It’s the kind that takes place in our known world within history or the not too distant future. The setting is familiar, but events are introduced which are outside the usual reality.

I make this declaration in order to state that:

  1. This is my favorite kind of science fiction
    I don’t as much enjoy the labor of forming mental constructions of whole new worlds and alien races that science fiction often requires. But I like the idea of a story that stretches the boundaries of this known world in a way that I can identify with the story but also imagine a different reality.
  2. Version Control is this kind of science fiction.
    It’s a near future story that mixes elements of mild dystopia due to the reign of social media, broken relationships and racial tensions with mild elements of science fiction. It will be one I remember to recommend to others. In fact, I did earlier today.
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