by Marie Lu

January 8, 2018

Another book that found it’s way to my list after being recommended at multiple young adult panels at the Texas Book Festival. (And probably the last YA I’ll read for a while…)

I call this kind of book a kinder, gentler dystopia. (And another new genre that I would include with Version Control.) It’s a near future book where there hasn’t been any kind of cataclysm, but slow change that has led to a not quite as ideal society.

The premise of this book is fun and interesting enough, with a clever overall premise. I can see why it was a popular recommendation at all the YA panels. But it was also YA, and I roughly imagined how the ending would go before I got there.

No regrets though — my oldest daughter and I were able to have a number of conversations around it since she’d read it just before me.

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