by Winn Collier

January 20, 2018

Look, I’m going to be completely biased on this one, because Winn is a friend — the kind of friend I wish I got to see and talk with more. So, by way of brief review, let me share the brief email I sent him the day I finished this one:

Finished your book earlier today … can I tell you how much I loved it? And I knew I would love every bit to come when I highlighted “my give-a-shit’s broken” in the first chapter. It felt like you took the good pieces of Wendell Berry and Eugene Peterson and channeled them through the best parts of Winn Collier!

Thanks for writing in a way that celebrates and elevates that heart and voice of a pastor who wants nothing less than to lead and walk alongside a people in a given time and place. I felt both seen for who I try to be and reminded of who I want to be.

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