by Andy Crouch

February 12, 2018

The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place

I briefly met Andy Crouch a number of years ago at the Q Conference here in Austin. he was wearing a Daring Fireball t-shirt, so he has some street cred as a fellow nerd when it comes to talking about tech.

I’ve also read each of Andy Crouch’s prior books, and found value in each. So, when I saw this book released, I figured I’d be reading it sooner or later. I wish it had been sooner.

Andy offers much more that just rules for how to engage technology. He starts with some broader philosophy of what the purpose of a family should be. It’s not comprehensive, of course, but at least enough to set the tone and direction of this book. But those few chapters alone could merit healthy discussion for any family.

But going on from there, he offers an intentioned and realistic picture of how technology might best be utilized toward those ends. He offers a measured view of the value and the disruption that technology can offer relationships, especially among those who live alongside one another.

The one critique of the book is the title. Not that it doesn’t represent well the content of the book. But there is helpful stuff in here for anyone, not just families with kids at home. I’d hope the title doesn’t cause people without young ‘uns to avoid it.

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