by Greg Boyd

May 2, 2018

I actually finished reading this book about 6 weeks ago. (I’m behind in posting in here, among a number of other books.) But now that I’m circling back to it, I recognize that I’m also slow to implement it.

Most of the books by Greg Boyd that I have read, even those written at the popular level, focus on broader theological ideas. This one is unlike any of those in that it is intended to teach a specific means and practice of prayer. (Of course, it does lay some thoughtful theological groundwork for it, as one would expect. )

The style of prayer described in the book was new and challenging for me. But, I’m also challenged by how difficult it is for me to implement practical ideas that come out of reading. I value rhythms, and think I work best in rhythms. And yet, when a book like this offers new practices, my patterns become a barrier to figure out how to incorporate them.

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