by Daniel Pink

June 13, 2018

To audiobook or not audiobook. Here’s a good example of why this question haunts me. I can’t get through all the books I want to read, and audiobooks help me find space to add 5-6 books a year to my reading list.

I’ve figured out that the kind of audiobooks that work best for me are narrative based, like history or biographies, or practical idea based, like this one. But the segmented nature of how I listen to audiobooks, and pay attention to audiobooks, oft makes me feel like I miss some of the big picture.

I chugged through this one in many trips to meetings, dance classes and appointments. I pulled away lots of interesting ideas about the value of naps, when it’s best to drink coffee, and why my current decade of life (my 40s) might be my least fulfilling. But I’m sure there were other great ideas that floated past my head and settled somewhere in the back of my car, never to be found again.

Maybe there should be a supplemental chapter on when it’s best to listen to audiobooks.

I’m intrigued enough to still have this on my list of books I hope to read ‘normally’ someday. But golly it’s a long list.

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