by Christopher Heuertz

June 13, 2019

It’s become easier and easier to mention the enneagram in a conversation without expecting a blank stare in return. And while I’m far from an expert on it, I’ve hoarded more than my fair share of reading about it. It’s also been a helpful tool, as I believe it was designed to be, for understanding my inner motivations that shape so many of my patterns and behaviors.

Chris Heuretz’ book is a unique and helpful take in the growing, and perhaps overcrowded, market of Enneagram books. He offers the obligatory summary of types, as you’d expect. But he goes beyond, getting into some core spiritual practices, from a Christian perspective, that will be beneficial for each type.

This is the kind of writing that is needed in the chatter around the Enneagram. Rather than something that helps us wedge ourselves into a type that matches our behaviors, he drives us deeper into how the number we identify with reveals our core longings. And once there, the practices he offers reveal not just a path to self identity, but to maturity and growth.

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