September 27, 2019

I always enjoy meeting with website clients in person when the opportunity is there. So, as part of our move (back) to the Phoenix area, I've been networking to make connections with local developers and agencies.

Those efforts paid off, as my first local client came as contract work for Skyhook Interactive — a busy and well-respected WordPress shop here in the Valley. They were asked by Virtuous CRM to convert their existing website into WordPress, and then combine into it their existing subdomain sites all running WordPress. Skyhook gave me the charge and I ran with it.

I've now seen every page of the Virtuous site multiple times. With a background in non-profit work, I appreciate what they do and it looks like a well designed product. I also enjoyed working with the team at Skyhook — I'm waiting for the final go ahead to get started on my next project with them.

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