by Lee C Camp

July 27, 2020

I already wrote a little about this book on Instagram when I was only a few chapters in:

I would hope anyone who identifies as a Christian in the United States might consider reading this. Following Jesus doesn't line up very well with being a Republican or a Democrat. It's a matter of putting hope somewhere else. I … hope that you might read it too, and think deeply about it in the months to come.

If I were to add to that, I'd say that this book gives you permission to think beyond your party when choosing how to vote. And that undersells it — the truth is, party loyalty is a form of idolatry that leans on a collective and broken ideology…regardless of party.

The book is based on 15 'propositions' to weigh as one chooses how to vote. As a teaser for the book, here are those propositions:

Proposition 1: History Is Not One Damn Thing after Another

Proposition 2: The End of History Has Already Begun

Proposition 3: American Hope Is a Bastard

Proposition 4: Christianity Is Neither a Prostitute nor a Chaplain

Proposition 5: The United States Is Not the Hope of the World

Proposition 6: The United States Was Not, Is Not, and Will Not Be a Christian Nation

Proposition 7: How Christian Values, and the Bible, Corrupt Christianity

Proposition 8: Every Empire Falls

Proposition 9: Christian Partisanship Is like a Fistfight on the Titanic

Proposition 10: Hostile Forces Have a Role in the Unfolding of History

Proposition 11: Christianity Is Not a Religion; Christianity Is a Politic

Proposition 12: Liberal Political Puissance Is Not the Goal

Proposition 13: Exemplary Political Witness Is the Goal

Proposition 14: Christianity Is Not Countercultural

Proposition 15: Christian Engagement Must Always Be Ad Hoc

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