out and about in austin, day 1

March 5, 2008

We ran ourselves ragged in Austin today. Some of the highlights: Chris Marlow was gracious enough to set up some time to connect with several other church planters: Jonathan Dodson, Jeff Mangum, Jeremy Self, Jacob Vanhorn, and Charles Whitmire. Thanks for your time…I hope there will be more opportunities to sit with each of you. […]

mmmmmmmmmm and um-um

December 13, 2006

My amigo JJ has been in town since Monday. Yesterday, I had the deep honor of introducing him to Zoka. Can there possibly be better coffee that Zoka? On the other hand, lunch yesterday was another attempt to find good wings in Seattle. Seattlites rave about WingDome, so I thought I’d give it another shot. […]