the project binder

October 12, 2009

Staying organized is a tricky balance when it comes to creative work. It is easy to get consumed in the backend organization of things and lose valuable time when you could be creating. On the other hand, some degree of organization helps me find what I need to quickly move into making things mode when […]

the evernote to curio double whack pack

February 17, 2009

(Before I get into this post, an aside: Is my memory of the Double Whack Pack an example of good advertising by Tic Tac, or wasted memory cells on my part?) Curio and Evernote are two of the most popular search terms that lead people here. So when I got an email last week about […]

review: curio by zengobi software

December 17, 2008

This is a guest post by Tom Borowski. Tom is the owner of macsteps, where you can find tutorials, reviews and tips for Mac OS X and Mac software. You can also follow him on Twitter at There’s something about note taking and data collection apps on the Mac that makes me want to […]