the inspiration archive

September 29, 2009

As I promised a few weeks ago, I have a few posts in the works with some tips on managing my workflow for web design. This would be the first of those… I’ve been building websites for about 15 years, mostly for personal projects like this one. There have been some side jobs here and […]

creative practices: cesar torres

May 13, 2009

Cesar Torres (@cesart) is my second guest for the Creative Practices interview series. Cesar is a freelance graphic communicator and one of the co-founders of Conjunctured, a co-working space in Austin. Cesar shares how he generates design ideas out of conversations with his clients, how he has benefited from co-working, and how Things has been […]

new and improved ideas

December 1, 2008

From the How I Spent My Thanksgiving Break department comes a new blog design. The new look went live yesterday, though I still have a few tweaks to make here and there. I’ve used the Thesis theme for a few different sites, but this is the most extensive reworking of it that I have done. […]

strange idea labs

September 23, 2008

I’m doing some freelance design work, so I’ve launched Strange Idea Labs. I’m specializing in simple content-based websites (mostly using WordPress), some branding and print media, and web hosting. We’ve decided it would be best to be bivocational rather than put unreasonable financial pressure on Austin Mustard Seed early in the life of this church […]

espresso preview please

September 18, 2008

Only ten hours ago, as I sipped on a double latte, I gushed and twittered about CSSEdit. This lovely little app is favored tool for nipping and tucking a web layout. Only three hours ago, give or take,

austin mustard seed

August 27, 2008

I spent much of the last week putting together the website for Austin Mustard Seed, the new church community we are part of in Austin. I love this creative part of the process — taking ideas that have been developing for years and shaping them into words within a layout. There is a part of […]