my beautiful idol

May 17, 2008

A few weeks ago, I was sent a copy of My Beautiful Idol, by Pete Gall, for review. A long plane trip earlier this week gave me the chance to really dig in to the book. Once I did, it was easy to stick with it. Much like Blue Like Jazz, My Beautiful Idol is […]

to own a dragon

November 29, 2006

When I first saw that Donald Miller was going to release a book about growing up without a father, I was a little disappointed. It’s not that it’s a great subject, but I was never without my dad, and it just seemed like such a serious turn for him to take in his writing. The […]

catalyst 8: donald miller

October 6, 2006

The church keeps following the culture around it • It happened in the middle ages, the enlightenment and in the industrial revolution • Today, that means the spirituality is a product and we are consumers • And the new false god of culture is entertainment, so where does that mean the church is heading? • […]

catalyst 5: rick mckinley and donald miller

October 6, 2006

Rick and Donald shared a casual conversation that was delightful to just sit and soak in. Here are a few of their thoughts from the discussion: R: Once everybody left the doors of the church, we realized God was in the streets. R: Discipleship is meant to happen on the road, but we’ve turned it […]