The Evolution of a Digital Hoarder

May 22, 2012

I’m a hoarder of bits, a collector of info, an accumulator of concepts. I have no shame about this, and it certainly isn’t a secret if you’ve followed along here for any period of time. I launched this blog with a series called Capture Everything, and I’m still at it. In that early series, I […]

workflow review

September 4, 2009

Every week or two, I get a kind note from someone who has stumbled on the site and pillaged the archives. This is usually a Mac switcher or someone who is just trying to get their workflow in order. Some of the posts where I describe my workflow, especially the Capture Everything series, are now […]

the evernote to curio double whack pack

February 17, 2009

(Before I get into this post, an aside: Is my memory of the Double Whack Pack an example of good advertising by Tic Tac, or wasted memory cells on my part?) Curio and Evernote are two of the most popular search terms that lead people here. So when I got an email last week about […]

evernote for iphone: early impressions

July 14, 2008

I’m deeply committed to Yojimbo, but I’ve been flirting with Evernote for about three months now. Last week, Evernote rolled out a beautiful new iPhone app with the launch of the app store. Here are a few early impressions of the iPhone app: It looks fantastic. It is fun to look at, and easy to […]

evaluating evernote

April 14, 2008

I’ve been evaluating Evernote for the last few weeks. I like it. A lot. So much that I’m tempted to change over from Yojimbo. But not yet. Here’s what I like: Without a doubt, my favorite feature is Evernote’s ability to recognize text in an image and make it searchable. I can snap a picture […]

capture everything revisited: jott

April 9, 2008

This is part six of a five(!) part series on capturing everything. Previous entries: capture everything: buckets capture everything: tasks capture everything: ideas capture everything: out and about capture everything: the incubator Jott is a handy little service that lets you call a toll-free number and speak a message. Jott will transcribe and deliver that […]

evernote preview

April 2, 2008

I think it is pretty clear around here how important Yojimbo is in my workflow. However, Evernote looks promising. They have both a Mac and Windows client that syncs notes to a server so they can be viewed online or on a mobile device. Plus, there is text recognition for finding words in images. I’m […]