Kindle Fire: The Curated Content Device

December 13, 2011

I had one primary goal when I ordered a Kindle Fire: it would free up the iPad to leave home during the day for my wife and kids to use. (Okay, okay, stop looking at me like that. I also love shiny new things. Like you don’t?) While the iPad has held a steady place […]

Six Days With the Kindle Fire

November 21, 2011

Since the first Kindle was released, Amazon has offered a device that’s the perfect storm for this tech-loving book lover. Or is it book-loving tech lover? Either way, I’m a lover, and tech gadgets and books sit high on my affinity list. Put all that together, and I took a serious look at the Kindle […]

Hands on With the Kindle

November 14, 2011

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, while we were all listening to Peter Gabriel, I ordered the new $79 Kindle model. The three readers in our house have been happily passing it around the last few weeks. We’re making the jump from the Kindle 2 to this model, having skipped the Kindle 3 (aka […]

Standing Outside the Library Blasting Peter Gabriel on my Boom Box

October 10, 2011

I’ve not been the most faithful library patron over the years, though I have made sure my kids have maintained regular visits. I find a lot of value in having my own books arrive at my doorstep or on a device that I can mark up like a coloring book. But my love for the […]

Hands On, Hypothetically, With a Nook Color

March 25, 2011

I can neither confirm nor deny most of what you are about to read. One of my current web projects is a contracted site for a company that makes mobile apps for iOS and Android. Because of their market, we’re taking seriously how the site itself looks in mobile browsers. Between this project and the […]

Hey Publishers

October 20, 2010

Hey publishers, I would like to think of us as friends. I read lots of books, and most of them I purchase so I can mark them up and revisit them. Several of you have been kind enough to send me free books to review. That’s neat, especially when they are books that interest me. […]

The Thing About Kindle You Might Not Know

September 16, 2010

In some of the discussions weighing the pros and cons of ebooks, there is one significant point that I think is often overlooked. For my use, it is one of the most important. And Kindle ebooks do it best. I capture digital notes from most books that I read. That might be underlined passages, or […]

hands on with kindle for mac

March 19, 2010

Four months after releasing Kindle for PC, Amazon dropped a Kindle Reader for Mac this week. I installed it last night and played with it for about five minutes. That’s all it took to learn what it could do. When Kindle for iPhone was released, I was pleased. It doesn’t replace my Kindle, but it’s […]


March 2, 2010

When Amazon announced that they were opening the Kindle up to developers, there was only one app I could imagine that would be useful on the Kindle: Instapaper. Never mind. Last night, I tried out Ephemera. It’s fantasticical. (Sorry…sometimes exuberance supersedes grammar.) Ephemera syncs up with Instapaper when you connect your Kindle to your Mac, […]

for the love of instapaper

November 19, 2009

Every once in a while, I have one of those What apps do you have on your iPhone? conversations. It’s kind of the 2009 version of How much can you bench? I thought Instapaper was mainstream, but it’s not seldom that I talk with someone who isn’t using it. You might not know about it […]

revisiting the kindle

October 9, 2008

It has been nine months since I received my Amazon Kindle. It has been a great device, and I blogged some initial thoughts here, as well a post on Creativityist about how it has been helpful for research. While the Kindle has been a convenient way to read literature, both classics and contemporary, it’s main […]

musings of a kindleworm

January 12, 2008

My Amazon Kindle arrived last Monday — it has been a good week. I finished reading my first book, so here are some impressions of my experience so far. The Good The text is crisp, clean, and readable. The battery life and wireless signal have both been excellent. I’ve charged it a few times, but […]

kindle chaos

December 14, 2007

I have a Kindle on order from Amazon. Right now, they are so backordered that they aren’t even able to give me a potential shipping date. I know that is true because I check the order status about 6-10 times a day! This is the second Kindle I’ve ordered. I ordered one on Thanksgiving, because […]


November 20, 2007

As a bibliophile and technophile, I’m pretty intrugued with the idea of Amazon’s new Kindle e-reader. I’ve never been that interested in e-readers before but this one seems to capture some features that would make it more appealing — wireless shopping and downloading from anywhere, and reduced pricing on books where you are paying only […]