random music links

July 31, 2009

Last month, I sat in a coffee shop with my friend Joshua Longbrake while on a visit to Seattle. Even as we chatted a bit about music, our ears perked up simultaneously as the barista introduced us to the sounds of Dosh. He would tell you Pure Trash is his favorite, but I would tell […]

creative soundtrack

November 24, 2008

When I’m designing, I can listen to just about anything, whether it be a podcast or whatever music I’m in the mood for. If I’m doing just about anything else, the playlist is shorter. If I’m reading, writing, or just working through some ideas, I need to listen to music that doesn’t have any lyrics […]


March 4, 2008

The Only Moment When We Were Alone – Explosions in the Sky. Go ahead and listen to it right now. I’ll wait. (If you don’t have it, get it. You need to have it.) The 4:26 mark in the song is… Wait, what are you doing? Don’t jump to that part. Let it build so […]

soundtrack of 2007

December 29, 2007

As a means of looking back over 2007, I made a smart playlist in iTunes to show me what music was added this year. There are 700+ songs eating up over 4gb of digitopia. The following albums, listed alphabetically by artist, weren’t all released in 2007, but they were all new to me and made […]

soundtrack for study

May 14, 2007

These are some recent finds that are instrumental and getting heavy play while studying, reading, or just working on whatever… Young Mountain — This Will Destroy You Amazon | iTunes (Thanks to Josh Longbrake for the recommendation.) The Four Trees — Caspian Amazon | iTunes All is Violent, All is Bright — God is an […]

the perfect song

March 1, 2007

Zach has tagged me with a meme of the Perfect Song. Here’s the rules: 1. scan through your itunes or cd library. refamiliarize yourself with the nooks and crannies of your musical options. 2. identify five categories — genres, if you will — of music. these should be as obscure and finely-articulated as you’d like. […]


February 2, 2007

For those who are anticipating the next Explosions in the Sky with me, give a listen to You Are the Conductor by Caspian. [iTunes | Amazon] Should tide you over nicely.


January 18, 2007


itunes recommendations anyone?

December 17, 2006

Looks like I’ve got some iTunes cash coming my way courtesy of Zach’s silly faith in the Cardinals. Anyone have good recommendations on how to spend it?

silversun pickups

October 21, 2006

With some iTunes GiftCards in hand, I went on the hunt for some new music. I ran across Silversun Pickups and I’m hooked. I got Carnavas, and I’m giving it some time to settle in before I go get their EP as well. If you have good taste in music, give them a listen. 🙂