workshop: dwight friesen

November 4, 2006

Quantum Kingdom Dwight Friesen is on faculty at Mars Hill Grad School. It’s looks like I will finally take a class from him next semester, and I’m looking forward to it. Once again the standard disclaimer applies — I doubt these notes will do his ideas, or the others offered through discussion, any justice. We […]

workshop: jason clark

November 3, 2006

Euro-Emerging Revolutionaries (Positive Church) I’ve been reading Jason Clark’s blog for the past few years, and had a few good interactions with him on email, so I was excited to meet him in person. I think he represents a great voice for the church, and I doubt these notes do his ideas any justice. Premise: […]

theories and gabbledy-gook

November 3, 2006

I was exchanging emails with Mike DeVries this morning and he asked me how the Revolution Conference was going so far… I find myself struggling to engage in this first session. I’ve spent plenty of time grappling with some of the ideas, and the theories, of how the church is changing with the culture. I […]

revolution conference

November 3, 2006

I’m at the Revolution Conference this weekend. I’ll probably try to share a few notes here and there, but right now, I’m sitting next to Justin Baeder who is typing feverishly, so go visit his blog. 🙂 Note: Bob Hyatt is also blogging more extensively than I am.

you say you want a revolution

September 5, 2006

I just added a banner to my sidebar to help spread the word about the You Say You Want a Revolution Conference. It is November 3-4 in the Seattle area. I attended Off The Map’s conference last November, and it was unlike any conference I’ve been too. Based on my experience last year, I didn’t […]