the project binder

October 12, 2009

Staying organized is a tricky balance when it comes to creative work. It is easy to get consumed in the backend organization of things and lose valuable time when you could be creating. On the other hand, some degree of organization helps me find what I need to quickly move into making things mode when […]

a folder for the trendy kids

September 16, 2008

Creating content is life giving. Managing all of it? Well, that’s kind of like wading into the river Styx. With new files added every day, my documents folder gets a little stuffy. I know I’m not the only one; last spring, I wrote a post about how I organize my documents using Leap and Hazel. […]

spring cleaning the documents folder

March 28, 2008

This is part of an ongoing series called Blinders where I explore some of the ways I streamline my computer workflows to minimize distractions. Spring seems to be reluctant to make it’s way to the Pacific Northwest this year. I decided to coax it along with a good spring cleaning in my documents folder. Documents […]

blinders: for a distracted mind

March 18, 2008

This is the introduction to an ongoing series called Blinders. I’m going to explore some ways I try to help my oft distracted mind stay focused on what I’m doing. Last week, I started meandering through A Perfect Mess. I’ve only read about a tenth of it, so I probably shouldn’t comment on it yet. […]

out with you, klutter

July 29, 2006

This morning, I tossed three empty shampoo bottles out of the shower. (Sorry if I woke you up Sherri.) Though I am kapable of telling when a shampoo bottle is empty, I never seem to remember that fakt by the end of the shower, so they build up in there. That kind of signifies life […]