the creative practices podcast

May 15, 2009

To make the Creative Practices interview series more convenient to access, I have created both an audio and video podcast of the series. The links below will open iTunes and take you directly to the page where you can subscribe to each: Creative Practices: Audio Edition Creative Practices: Video Edition If you’ve enjoyed the series, and would be kind enough to add a review in iTunes, I’d appreciate it!


July 22, 2008

TED is a conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design. I’ve had several friends recommend the TED website over the past few years. I’ve even watched bits of some of the talks that are posted there, but I never really dug into what was available until a few weeks ago. Oops. I’ve been missing out. I […]

mars hill (gasp) podcast?!

October 25, 2006

While meandering through iTunes tonight, I disovered that Rob Bell and Mars Hill actually have an official podcast up and running. There is even a link at the bottom of their sermon download page. Who knew? Is this some kind of grand conspiracy that has been hidden from me for all this time?

jesus asked podcast

August 21, 2006

Conrad Gempf emailed me to let me know that, with Zondervan’s permission, he is making Jesus Asked available for free in the form of a audio book/podcast. I’m subscribing. I’ve said it before, but I appreciate Conrad’s writing, because he brings his scholarly study of Jesus to us in a package that is readable by […]