viva la keynote

January 23, 2009

We have an old Mac Mini attached to the TV in our family room. We use it as a media server for music and some kids movies, and lately it’s been handy for watching streaming movings on Netflix. But, it has been most useful for our Sunday Gatherings. I have Keynote installed on the Mac […]

gnats and camels

October 4, 2007

There are a handful of podcasts that I subscribe to, but the Mars Hill Grand Rapids is one of the few that I am pretty faithful about listening to every one of. While I am challenged by and appreciate what Rob Bell has to say just about every week, this past week’s message, Gnats and […]


May 27, 2007

Between our experience with Pathways, classes at school, personal studies, and our dreams of a future church plant, I’ve spent a lot of time processing the mission of the church. And yet those thoughts still seem so unfinished… Dean gave me the month of May to put some of those thoughts into a teaching series […]

hipps on revelation

October 25, 2006

Shane Hipps began teaching on the book of Revelation a few weeks ago. I’ve only listened to the first message, but it is a great introduction to what the book of Revelation is all about. He offers a view of what the book of Revelation (and other apocalyptic literature) is all about in simple, yet […]