What I’m Working On

Active Projects:

These are projects that I currently am giving my time to, whether they are out there (and loving it), or still in the initial development stage.

  • WordPress Development — Most of my work week these days goes toward freelance development of WordPress sites. (And the occasional Hubspot project as well.)
  • Spiritual Direction — I’m laying some ground work, and about to begin formal training, to begin practicing as a spiritual director. Pastors gotta pastor.
  • Sermon Team — I miss preaching every week, but thankful to regularly meet with the team that plans sermons at our local church.

Previous Gigs:

Good Intentions and Dormant Ventures:

  • Mile High Today — A Denver Broncos blog and updates site, which is the fourth or fifth iteration of a website called BroncosFreak that I began in 1999.
  • Halos Today — A Los Angeles Angels blog modeled after OrangeOptimism, but it hasn’t gotten much attention since I built it out. So far.
  • Another podcast idea. — Perhaps it would be better said that I’m chasing the gumption to keep this project moving along to the next step.