What I'm Working On:

These are the projects that I currently am giving my time and attention to.

  • Spiritual Director -- I offer spiritual direction online and in person in Arizona.
  • Consortia Dei Podcast -- This podcast is a companion to my spiritual direction practice.
  • Trellis -- I'm collaborating with my friend Ross to develop a new website focused merging technology, spirituality, and intentional living.
  • WordPress Development -- Much of my work week these days goes toward freelance development of WordPress sites. (And the occasional Hubspot project as well.)

Previous Gigs:

  • Austin Mustard Seed -- We lived in Austin for a dozen-ish years and started what became an amazing Christian community. It's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done, and saying good-bye was the hardest. Prior to that I worked in churches in the Phoenix and Seattle metro areas.
  • Help One Now -- I was on the board in the start-up days of this great org, and more recently served as the Director of Marketing and Communications.
  • Sermonsmith -- A podcast about the craft of sermon preparation that was launched 2013. I put in on unexpected hiatus during a life transition, and have decided it leave it there indefinitely.

Some Appearances Here and There:

Good Intentions and Dormant Ventures:

  • Halos Today -- A Los Angeles Angels blog modeled after OrangeOptimism, but it hasn't gotten much attention since I built it out. So far.